Serving nonprofits since 2009.

For over a decade, Bureau for Good has been a trusted nonprofit partner. Our team is committed to amplifying the voices of organizations, securing vital funding, and driving meaningful change in communities they serve.

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Meet the team

Laine Slatton

Laine Slatton

Grants consultant

Laine Slatton is a grants researcher and project manager, with experience in proposal development, report creation, and prospect research, for individual, foundation, corporate, and government sources.

Lauren Cotton

Lauren Cotton

Development consultant

Lauren Cotton is a development consultant helping human rights, social service agencies and educational institutions achieve ambitious revenue goals.

Ryan Johnston

Ryan Johnston

Strategy and messaging consultant

Ryan is a nonprofit messaging and fundraising strategist who has worked with leading nonprofits across the country.

Maria De La Guardia

Maria De La Guardia

Founder & creative director

Maria is the founder, brand strategist, and art director at Bureau for Good.

A partnership for change

We don't just offer services, we build relationships. Rooted in our values of creativity, collaboration, and impact, our approach goes beyond the traditional. We work hand in hand with nonprofits to understand their unique narratives and aspirations, delivering strategic solutions that truly resonate with their audiences and fuel transformative change.

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Guided by our values


Long-term commitment

We believe in building trust-based relationships that stand the test of time, as true partnership grows from mutual trust.



We work closely with our clients, ensuring that our solutions are not only effective but also tailored to their specific needs.



We strive to keep things straightforward, cutting through the noise to focus on what truly matters.


Action orientation

We prefer delivering actionable insights over abstract concepts. Our recommendations are designed to be implemented, not just documented.



We learn from every interaction with our clients, taking these opportunities to grow and improve our services.



We value open and honest conversations. Our clients deserve to know how we work, what we do, and why we do it.

Let's build the future— together.