Olivia print nonprofit annual report

A 12-page template that shines at short-form, concise annual reports for print or PDF distribution.

Olivia Print Annual Report template showcases your programs, contributors, board members and financials in a concise format. This 12-page, 11 x 8.5" (horizontal) Adobe InDesign template accommodates about 1,300 words of copy, and is easy to customize to your brand's palette, typography and look-and-feel, then export to PDF for printing or online distribution—or we can do it all for you! Bright and bold or understated, Olivia highlights what matters most to your audiences.

Expand your reach! Check out our Olivia Digital Annual Report template, a sleek complementary interactive template for online distribution.

Level 1
Know Adobe InDesign? Download Olivia Print Annual Report and customize yourself.
Level 2
Customizations by us
No knowledge of InDesign? We can customize Olivia Print Annual Report with your fonts, colors, copy and photography.
Level 3
Advanced customizations
or a completely bespoke site
Want more than our basic customizations, or a site that’s designed to your specifications?
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Olivia digital annual report

Short annual reports find a perfect digital home here, with a sleek, responsive presentation that’s never boring.

How it works

Template is compatible with InDesign CS4 and later. All included images are for placement only; you may not include them in your final piece without replacing or licensing them. Please consult your commercial printer for their preferred PDF export settings, including color profiles and bleeds.

How it works
Customizations by us

Upon purchase, we send you a list of the content we need—including licensed fonts, licensed photography (sizes will be indicated), copy (word counts will be indicated) and desired colors. We will also include a PDF of the template, which you can annotate with specific placements and instructions. Once we have all your materials, you'll receive your completed, customized annual report for printing and/or online distribution.