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Drug Policy Alliance

Print and digital annual reports—a bright and bold look for the nation's leading advocate for sensible drug policies.

  • Print annual report
  • Digital annual report

The Drug Policy Alliance is the nation's leading progressive voice on compassionate and common-sense drug laws, and we were proud to help them craft their 2016 print and digital annual reports. DPA has a bold and assertive brand identity, combining Helvetica at heavy weights, primary colors, and the motif of the square, which is also their logo; DPA had already selected a square shape for their print piece. Our aim was to translate those brand elements into something just as bold and unexpected.

We developed a visual theme around diagonal halftone images, arrow shapes and overlaps. While the text in both the digital and print pieces sits on a strong grid, the images and visual elements break from it, creating a layered effect.

We designed the print piece first, and then translated it to the web using a takeover-screen presentation.

Bureau for Good breathed new life into our annual report, giving it a fresh and creative feel.
Jag Davies, Director of Communications Strategy
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