Vision & strategic planning

Just like you, we want to make the world better.

Whether an organization is in start-up mode, or simply needs to step back and think long-term, Bureau for Good helps leaders create the time, space, and processes required for effective planning and consensus-building.

Our process
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Our vision & strategic planning process leads clients to answer hard questions about what limits them from reaching their potential in a competitive market, with a strong understanding of what donors and supporters, from individual to government to institutional, are looking for in programs and organizations.

Working at the highest levels of organizations, we help leaders crystallize their visions, strengthen programs, and build crucial internal consensus around positive change.

We won't leave you with a long written document that is, in reality, impossible to fund and operationalize. Instead, we will help you plan in a way that works for your organization, build consensus, solve problems and conflicts, document it, and help you stay on track.

Our approach


Mission & vision

Working at the highest levels of organizations, we help leaders crystallize their vision, strengthen programs, and build consensus around positive change inside your organization.


Program design

Expert program planning across sectors helps you select evidence-based models, strengthen mission adherence, and establish better evaluation systems.


Strategic planning

When it’s time to activate all of this creativity and thinking, we’ll help you create the financial and operational road map needed to see your vision manifest.


Our values

Our process is hands-on, personal, deeply collaborative, creative, and challenging. As we help people align behind a unified vision, our allegiance is always first to the organization’s mission, and the people it serves.

Bureau for Good is more than just a consulting agency. When you’re working with them you feel like you’re with someone who wants to do the good work in America, by tearing down barriers and building bridges for all people in our society.

Jamar Dorsey, Imagine Omaha, BFG Client

Let's build the future— together.