A fresh brand identity for a pioneer in data-driven agricultural policies.

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Visual identity & print design
Visual identity, brand guidelines & report template


For over a decade, Agree has been a pioneer in advocating for farmer profitability and environmental sustainability through data-driven policies. By harnessing the potential of federal agricultural policies, Agree has played a pivotal role in propelling agricultural practices that not only curtail greenhouse gas emissions, improve soil health, and enhance water quality, but also bolster farmer profitability and cost-efficiency. Their mission necessitates the constant exploration of innovative and scalable policies and pilot programs that aid farmers in adapting to weather variability and enhancing agronomic and environmental outcomes.

Agree partnered with our friends at Samantha Langdorf Consulting, who brought us on for a brand refresh. This involved crafting a new logo and palette that embodied the spirit of Agree—its research- and data-driven approach and its influence in reshaping agricultural policy.

Our Work Together

Our team worked in tandem with Agree to create a brand that echoed their efforts in sustainable farming and policy reform. We designed a fresh logo accompanied by a palette reflecting the natural elements core to their work—soil, water, and vegetation. Moreover, to ensure consistency in their branding across various platforms, we also developed comprehensive brand guidelines. Recognizing the crucial role of research reports in Agree's operations, we created an editable template for their reports, allowing them to maintain a unified brand look even as they continue to churn out groundbreaking insights.

The result was a rejuvenated Agree brand that continues to be a symbol of environmental stewardship, aptly echoing their innovative efforts in the agricultural policy landscape.

Let's build the future— together.