La Maida Project

Vision planning and project scaling for long term growth.

La Maida Project
Vision planning

The challenge

LMP came to Bureau for Good at a critical organizational inflection point. Having completed multiple pilot projects since its startup a few years before, LMP sought help interpreting lessons learned to make important choices about which successful strategies to scale, which target population to emphasize, and how to standardize metrics around goals, objectives, and outcomes.

The solution

Bureau for Good guided LMP through our unique vision planning process, providing leaders with thought leadership, advice, and perspectives designed to help the organization progress in key areas.

Throughout the collaboration, Bureau for Good challenged LMP leaders to break free of habitual ways of thinking and talking about the organization that we identified as limiting. Then, we leveraged LMP’s impressive internal talent and expertise to tease out new, helpful thinking that has led to concrete solutions.

At the end of the process, LMP had strengthened its theory of change with more clearly defined program buckets and internal program priorities, stronger and clearer connections between mission, programs, activities, and outcomes, and a more clearly defined target audience.

We also provided a concrete tool for staff and board alike to better understand and communicate top level messages about the organization to various audiences, including donors, partners and prospects.

Our impact

  • Strengthened theory of change
  • More clearly defined target audience
  • Tighter connections between mission, programs, activities, and outcomes
  • Stronger working relationships between staff and departments that were formerly siloed

Our Impact

Working with BFG has been a game changer for us at LMP. Our organization is young and while we had the benefit of great projects to have an amazing start as a non-profit, there were fundamentals that were not addressed and limited our potential and growth. The BFG team took the time, the care and the seriousness to leave no stone uncovered to us connect the dots, see who we are, what we have and what we can do as a mature organization.

Omid J Naim, MD, Founder

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