Imagine Omaha

Bureau For Good helped design, fund, and establish this innovative new Black-led nonprofit for one of America’s most racially divided cities.

Imagine Omaha
Vision & strategic planning, fundraising, communications
Theory of change, core messages, program design, grants


Omaha’s historical legacy of segregation, redlining, job discrimination, and mass incarceration has entrenched in this otherwise economically thriving midwestern city a stark racial wealth divide.

Bureau for Good consultant Ryan Johnston was born in Omaha into a family of Nebraska educators that spans two generations. In 2019, he produced the film Out of Omaha, which generated national scrutiny of local inequality, earned rave reviews, and was widely celebrated by people in North Omaha. During the summer of George Floyd, Johnston penned this op-ed calling out the city’s media and prosecutors for their careless treatment of Black citizens.

Vision & Strategic Planning

Shortly after, a group of local leaders met in a forum at Creighton University to ask hard questions about Omaha. What is needed to correct for a history of racism and disinvestment that spans from Will Brown to James Scurlock? How had previous efforts succeeded and failed?

BFG was pleased to be invited to and attend that forum, and later to work among the diverse workgroup that would research, design, raise funds, and establish the program.

For three years, Bureau for Good consultants have been a key part of the IO team: providing ongoing support to leaders, including deep strategic planning, planning of programs, development of an innovative revenue generating model, brand identity, fundraising strategy, board development, grant-writing, communications, and more.

Now, the organization is fast gaining a foothold and reputation in Omaha. Starting, quite literally, with $0, we helped Imagine Omaha form partnerships and secure seed funding that could be built upon. In year two, we secured more foundation grants from local funders, many on our first attempt. We have secured a $50,000 grant and been invited for a $100,000 grant, from two different leading local funders.

This young organization’s stock is on the rise locally, as our strategic cultivation efforts continue to help them open doors. After only two full years of consistent fundraising, Imagine Omaha is providing direct services, its revenue is growing exponentially, and local institutional funders who would not take a meeting with Imagine Omaha two years ago are inviting six-figure proposals.

Bureau for Good has taken our vision, mission, and values to the next level across our communications, and they have opened doors to other opportunities within Omaha and throughout the country. We would not have the success we’ve had today without them on the team.

Jamar Dorsey, Ed.D | Imagine Omaha, CEO

Bureau for Good is more than just a consulting agency. When you’re working with them you feel like you’re with someone who wants to do the good work in America, by tearing down barriers and building bridges for all people in our society.

Jamar Dorsey, Imagine Omaha, BFG Client

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