Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

A crisper, bolder face for a leading center in AI research, education & policy.

Stanford HAI
Branding, print & web design
Brand guidelines, print & digital annual reports


Stanford's Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI) was established in 2019 with a clear vision for the future: to shape and navigate the transformative world of artificial intelligence. HAI's mission pivots on advancing AI research, education, policy, and practice, with the ultimate aim of enhancing the human experience. Spearheaded by multidisciplinary faculty, HAI's work ranges from developing AI technologies inspired by human intellect, studying and guiding the societal implications of AI, to creating AI applications that boost human abilities. The institute is also dedicated to fostering regional and national discussions that lead to substantial policy changes.

Our work together

Bureau for Good has been proudly working alongside Stanford HAI for the past three years, primarily crafting their print and digital annual reports. We also speadheaded a comprehensive brand refresh. Confronted with a limiting color palette and overpowering supporting graphics, we saw an opportunity to bring more vibrancy and versatility to their brand. We broadened their color palette, optimized color usage for improved clarity and contrast, especially considering web accessibility. The supporting graphics were refined to harmonize with their layouts rather than dominate them. Additionally, we expanded their visual vocabulary, introducing a more versatile and dynamic brand image. This nuanced, thoughtful approach to design has helped to amplify Stanford HAI's mission and impact.

What the fuck is all this?

A person, a place

The annual report microsite

One of our most notable contributions is the digital annual report, designed as a microsite. While it retains the linearity of a traditional print report, the digital format allows us to incorporate engaging elements like movement and animation. This blend of static and dynamic content not only creates a memorable experience for the readers but also effectively communicates HAI's mission, achievements, and future goals.

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