Messaging & storytelling

We help you craft a north-star narrative that is practical, actionable, and fundable, increasing messaging clarity and consistency across platforms. As part of this work, we look at your logic model and theory of change, strengthening that if needed, to ensure there is a solid foundation underlying all storytelling about the organization.

Our process
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Once you have a strong strategic plan, how do you communicate it clearly and coherently, —both internally and externally? Over the years, we have found that many messaging firms simply mirror back their clients’ own self-perceptions—packaged as positioning and narrative statements—rather than guiding clients to stake a true, unique, and sustainable position within their landscape.

We take a different approach: we craft messages from a place of genuine purpose, and with a strong understanding of what donors and supporters are looking for. Clear case statements become the north star of the organization, the reference point for stakeholders both inside and outside. Consistency and coherence, over time, create a narrative that supports consensus and growth.

Our messaging & storytelling services


Case statements

Our unique case statement process expresses your organization's theory of change in practical narrative terms that meet common standards and preferences of funders.


Pitch preparation & creative

We structure compelling narratives for pitch presentations, train executives in pitch delivery, and execute creative materials, from pitch decks to microsites, that move audiences to action.


Campaign, program, and issue messaging & creative

Guidance and strategy on targeted campaigns, theme and message development, writing and design of communications.


Content strategy

Your strategic language should imbue all your communications. We help you define the times and places to put your messages forward, with an emphasis on reports and digital media.

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