NewYork-Presbyterian Dalio Center for Health Justice

Print and digital annual reports for a NewYork-Presbyterian research and advocacy center dedicated to closing the health equity gap.

NewYork-Presbyterian Dalio Center for Health Justice
Print & web design
Print & digital annual reports


The Dalio Center for Health Justice, a vital initiative of NewYork-Presbyterian launched in 2020, seeks to redefine health standards by directly addressing the root causes of health disparities. It stands as a robust mechanism for investing in research, education, programming, and policy advocacy, driving quantifiable improvements in health outcomes for all. With a network of projects and initiatives across NewYork-Presbyterian and its academic partners, Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and Weill Cornell Medicine, the Dalio Center leverages the collective power of these institutions to effect change. By joining forces with NYP's Board of Trustees, local community organizations, and government agencies, the Dalio Center is making strides towards eradicating the health disparities that threaten our communities.

Our work together

Bureau for Good partnered with the Dalio Center for Health Justice to design both their print and digital annual reports. Our approach was to create a digital annual report in the form of a microsite that parallels the traditional print report, but with an added layer of interactivity and dynamism. This strategic approach not only ensured a seamless user experience across both formats but also allowed us to echo the Dalio Center's commitment to health justice. In this collaboration, Bureau for Good breathed life into their mission, showcasing how intentional design can powerfully convey an organization's vision and impact.

The annual report microsite

The annual report microsite displays the organization's impact data and brings to the forefront the personal stories of those positively affected by its services. In highlighting the Dalio Center's key programs, activities, and significant accomplishments, we provided a comprehensive view of the organization's contributions. Details of recent research projects funded by the organization further underscore the Dalio Center's commitment to advancing health justice. Through thoughtful design, Bureau for Good provided a dynamic and engaging platform that truly encapsulates the transformative work of the Dalio Center. You can see their 2022 report here.

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